At Hardscape we are fully insured to install new roofs and to re-roof. We are an experienced company and have installed many new roofs. Furthermore we offer a range of different styles and colours that can be used on your new roof. It may be the case of repairing/replacing tiles on your roof or if its in a bad state of disrepair it may need a complete new roof.

The key stages of a new roof are now shown below. Materials and the process may change from job to job but here you can get an idea of the general process.

• Installing a new roof will start with a proper assessment of the existing roof and deciding what materials will be used or re-used.
• Ordering new materials and having them delivered to the site along with a skip for disposing of all the waste material.
• Scaffolding may be required, but is not always an essential part of the process.
• The existing roof materials have to be carefully stripped and removed starting from the top of the roof with the ridge tiles. Slates and tiles are then passed down exposing the roof timbers and tile laths. By now the roof will pretty much look like a skeleton! The laths are removed so only the main structure of the roof is left and now is the time any rotten or split roof joists are replaced.
• The timbers are now covered with a layer of breathable felt which is layered from the bottom of the roof upwards. This allows any moisture or rain penetrated from a broken tile to run down the roof and into the gutter. It acts like a second shield. At this stage even though there are no tiles on the roof you can consider the roof watertight.
• Tile battens are fixed into place with galvanised nails at the correct gauge depending on the size and type of the tile. These create the ‘rows’ of tiles. It is important these are space correctly to give the proper overlap of each tile or slate.
• The roof tiles or slates are now fitted to the battens. Concrete tiles only need fixing and certain intervals where as slates that do not have hanging nibs need to be fixed with individual nails. Any tiles up against valleys or roof windows are cut to size.
• Any ‘first fix’ leadwork such as soakers or secret gutters are now fitted into place and covered over with the tiles.
• Any remaining leadwork such as flashings are now completed and ridges are dry fixed to finally make your new roof 100% watertight!


Hardscape Driveways are a very professional, experienced company who take pride in their work. Punctual and excellent teamwork. I highly recommend them for block paving driveways and garden landscaping.

Jan A.
The front garden had several small issues, HardScape came up with a cost effective way to repair my wall, re-turf the lawn and improve the overall look with some simple landscaping touches. I'm very happy with the end product.

Miss C., Great Wyrley
Our tarmac driveway needed repairing due mainly to the tree roots that had grown underneath it. HardScape removed the tree completely, dug out the old driveway and installed a new tarmac driveway, great work, great price!

Mr B., Rugeley
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Flat Roofing
We offer a range of flat roofing solutions, rubber roofing, traditional felt roofing or a more modern Fibre glass product that will last for many years.

we offer a range of different styles and colours that can be used on your new roof. It may be the case of repairing/replacing tiles on your roof or if its in a bad state of disrepair it may need a complete new roof.

Roof Repairs
Is your roofing in a state of disrepair or have you noticed damp in the home? We have the skills to deal with all roof repairs.We will remove all of the damaged tiles or roofs and fully replace and install these with the style of your choice.

Verges, Ridges & Valleys
We can install and replace new dry roofing systems. If necessary we can replace your mortar with a maintenance free dry fix system. We will remove the old dry ridge and/or dry verge and make sure that all damaged parts of the roof are fixed and safe.

Fasicas, Soffits & Cladding
We provide a comprehensive range of fascias, soffits, cladding and guttering. Whether it’s a first time installation or a replacement of an old system, we can provide you with a roofing solution to be proud of for many years to come.

Block Paving
Block Paving
Both appealing aesthetics and durable performance, block paving is unrivalled in its versatility to provide the optimum surfacing solution across the broadest spectrum of commercial construction applications.

Tarmac Driveways
An attractive driveway may add value to your home or provide a focal point for passers-by. Whether on a driveway, footpath crossing, access road or on a car park we can provide the full package from excavation to smooth rolled finish.

Garden Landscaping
Whether your garden is a haven of plants and wildlife that you can escape to, a place for BBQs and entertaining or a practical outdoor space for work or play, we will turn your vision into reality.


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